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The application’s website:

Welcome to the website and its applications.

This page states the Terms and Conditions that apply to the Bezat website, and its applications.

Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before using the Bezat application.

Please note that by accessing the website and using the Bezat application, you agree to comply with the listed Terms and Conditions and the policy for using

The Bezat Application is a website administered by ‘Bezat Application Establishment’ (referred to herewith as “We” or “Bezat”).

The establishment is a registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Its registered office is: Flat 210, Building 178, Road 907, Block 309, Al Salamniya, Kingdom of Bahrain. The establishment’sCR is 1-37499.

Bezat is a Commercial Establishment with a promotional role, where coupons and offers are provided to customers by the registered Partners.

Registering with Bezat:

Companies can register with Bezat application by sending an email to stating the will to become a partner. We will coordinate with interested parties to train their employees on using the application after registration. For any queries or clarifications, please call on 13399993 or contact us via whatsapp on 13399993.

 Objective / Purpose of the application:

The main purpose of Bezat application is to increasing the value of money by sharing the profits generated with all users of the application to gain return from daily expenses. We also aim to provide easy services by linking you with our registered Partners to obtainexclusive offers and coupons. Coupon holders are eligible to enter monthly and yearly draws.

Available customer service:

Bezat Application is available to users by downloading it from Apple Store or Play Store.

The Offers and offers management:

Partners can provide their own special offers through the platform that Bezat provides. In addition, partners are only permitted to have 5 offers in per month after the First party’s agreement to these offers. Approval of offers are obtained through email or other methods of written communication methods.

Contact us:

You can contact us via email or call our hotline 13399993.

Data about you, your visits to our site and using our services

We collect specific information about you as a result of your usage of our services, and can use such information for marketing purposes.

Links from our website:

If our website our application contain links to other locations or sources provided by third parties, then these links are available for your information only. We do not have control over any of the contents of these links, or sources and do not accept any responsibility, damage or loss that could arise from using them.

Refund policy
The merchant whom purchased any packages cannot ask for refund after purchasing the packages. if there is any issues with the payments, the merchant can contact us on 009731399993