Bezat is the first application that offers customers to enter in monthly and yearly raffles for a chance to win cash prizes through coupons you acquire through your daily purchases from stores registered with the application.
When purchase is done the store will electronically scan the customer’s phone and send coupon/s through the app to the customer’s phone with details mentioned on the coupon (date, Store, coupon number).
Customers are eligible to acquire a coupon for every 5 BD spent in registered shops for a chance to win the raffles.
Yes, Bezat will continue registering new shops with the application.
Currently Yes. However, the application is planning to expand to the GCC and the Middle Eastern region.
Yes, photos of the winners will be placed in the application’s winners section in addition to posting them on social media.
Yes. All raffles held by the application will be monitored by consumer protection services under the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism who are the official authorities to handle raffles in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
Yes. Bezat is an official and registered establishment in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Address: Building 178, Flat 210, Road 907, Block 309 Salmaniya, Bahrain. CR: 37499-1
Monthly raffles – USD 1000 Yearly raffles – USD 10000 Special occasions – Terms and conditions apply Shop raffles – Terms and conditions apply
Prizes change and differ depending on the stores you shop in.
The company will try to contact the winner for Three consecutive days. If the winner is unreachable through the information entered in the application, the winner’s coupon will be cancelled and the raffle will be held again for another winner.
The coupons that didn’t win the monthly raffles will be still be eligible to enter the yearly raffles. After the yearly raffle and taken place, the coupons will be cancelled.
Stores and businesses can become Bezat partners by contacting the establishment through Email: Mobile: 13399993 Whatsapp: 13399993 And a representative of the company will be sent to explain the registration process, register the interested party, and train employees to use the application.
Bezat is a method of marketing business and encourage customers to visit the stores registered as they will have a chance to enter and win raffles by shopping and spending in a registered shop. Customers may be encouraged to spend at least 5 BHD to enter the raffles.
Yes. However, Stores have to contact Bezat 15 days prior to the cancellation and pay any due payments to Bezat.
Yes, all coupons from all stores will enter the raffles that are paid and given to the customers.
Yes, prizes can be set by shops for their own customers by contacting us (terms and conditions apply).
Through this service a shop can highlight a product that the shop intends to apply a discount or offer on by sending us a photo of the product, the current price and the price after discount to be sent to the customers offers list automatically.
No, only 1 offer per customer can be used.
Credit cards, debit cards, cash or checks. On a monthly basis. Coupons can be bought in advance for raffles in the future.
Devices will NOT be provided by Bezat.