About Us

Bezat is the first electronic application of its kind. It aims to provide monthly and yearly cash draws. All customers get coupons and are eligible to enter the draw through their daily purchases from our partner stores.


We aim to increase the value of money through profit sharing with all bezat users to get returns on daily spendings.


We look to be the most used application during purchases and to gain maximum customers satisfaction.


  • The merchant gives the customer one coupon for every BD 5 spent at their store. The coupon will be sent from the merchant’s phone to the customer’s phone easily and quickly.
  • Each customer coupon will qualify for a draw ( yearly , monthly and other )
  • The raffles will be supervised by the ministry of Industry & Commerce and will be transparent to all parties.
  • The lucky winner will be photographed at the location they obtained the winning coupon from and the photo will be posted on Bezat Application and social media.